"Hard work, sacrifice and dedication should be rewarded, not taxed and regulated to death by the government."

Thanks to you, we’re bringing change to Colorado!

Thank you to all the great people in Senate District 16 who gave me an opportunity to represent the interests of your businesses and families at the Capitol. Your hard work, sacrifice, and dedication should be rewarded, not taxed and regulated to death by the government.   That’s why I’m already at work to shift the power from government to where it rightfully belongs: back in your households and boardrooms. We’re already working to strengthen and protect taxpayers, reduce unnecessary business regulations, protect life and individual freedom of conscience, and restore our Constitutional rights.

Neville Fights For Taxpayers

Although our successful election campaign is over, donations to fund our ongoing projects and outreach are appreciated. We will also be posting our bills and would invite you to come to the Capitol to testify on those that are important to you.

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  • Honored to assist in the ribbon cutting with Mayor David Spellman celebrating the completion of the first segment... https://t.co/amosmdrtY9 11 hours
  • A salute to the craft beer industry! Photos from the Great American Beer Fest this weekend. Congrats to the House for winning Hop The Vote. 1 week
  • At the opening ceremony Friday at Big Easy Trailhead. Worth checking out when you're traveling Clear Creek Canyon. 2 weeks
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