"Hard work, sacrifice and dedication should be rewarded, not taxed and regulated to death by the government."

Tim Neville for Colorado Senate District 16 - honored to be endorsed by Colorado's No-compromise pro-gun PAC, RMGO PAC

Dear Friends,

As a proud member of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, I was honored to defend your Second Amendment rights in the Colorado State Senate last year.

I was proud to sponsor “Constitutional Carry” legislation and be recognized by Rocky Mountain Gun Owners as the strongest defender in the legislature of your Second Amendment rights.

Being forced to “sit out” two years due to redistricting is frustrating. Yet it doesn’t come close to my frustration and disgust as I watch our Second Amendment rights being stripped away by politicians who chose allegiance to Mayor Bloomberg and preach distrust of lawful Colorado firearms owners.

Hundreds of you came to town halls to express your concerns against these gun-grabbing bills. You asked elected officials to protect your Constitutional rights, freedom, liberty, and ability to defend your families and property.

Unfortunately my opponent, Senator Jeanne Nicholson D-Black Hawk, chose to ignore your voices. Instead, she voted to side with fellow Democrats and Bloomberg’s lobbyists to trample your Second Amendment rights.

Elections have consequences and you deserve better.

If elected, I pledge to work tirelessly to repeal every single one of these anti-liberty bills and restore your Second Amendment rights.

You deserve to be heard.

Your support is greatly appreciated.


Tim Neville for Colorado Senate District 16



P.S. Please consider a contribution to help get me re-elected to the Colorado State Senate. Together we can fight to take back our Second Amendment rights.

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