"Hard work, sacrifice and dedication should be rewarded, not taxed and regulated to death by the government."

Neville Kicks Off Campaign To Take Back Senate District 16

318479_238272096237476_2080089834_nI’m pleased to announce the official kickoff of our campaign to take back Colorado Senate District 16.  After witnessing the most over-reaching agenda in the 2013 legislative session, it’s time to return to Constitutional principles that promote individual liberty, fiscal stewardship, and personal responsibility.

We face challenges from those that wish to take our state in a different direction, one driven by fear and class warfare with a false promise of  government dependence as a means to solve all our challenges.  This approach and its policies rob individuals and families of our right to make the decisions that are best for our own future.  I believe Americans are tired of centralized, top-down “nanny state” approaches that oppose our Founders’ vision of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The voters of Senate District 16 deserve a state senator who understands the constitutional role of government and what it should and should not attempt to dictate in people’s lives.   Senate District 16 voters want their voices to be heard over those of outside special interest groups who are more concerned about power or economic advantage instead of their liberty and freedom.

In 2014 we can make a difference.  I’ll fight to make your voices count again and to restore the constitutional principles of governance that insure opportunity for all, not just those deemed worthy by government bureaucrats.

I appreciate your support in making Colorado the state of unmatched beauty and unlimited opportunities.

For liberty,

Tim Neville_sig

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