"Hard work, sacrifice and dedication should be rewarded, not taxed and regulated to death by the government."

My Principles

I am a small businessman who takes my commitment to public service as seriously as my business and family obligations.

My conservative values

I stand by the founding principles of our conservative Republican Party:I stand by the principles of American liberty and our Constitution:

  • Free Enterprise – less government regulation and lower taxes bring growth, prosperity, and opportunity to all.
  • Private property rights– you built it and it’s yours, not the government’s.
  • Right to Work – I believe no one should be compelled to pay union dues to get or keep a job
  • The right to life of the unborn – we should protect the next generation, not fund its destruction.
  • Traditional Family Values – loving parents make better decisions about the educational, social, and moral development of their children than government bureaucrats.
  • Second Amendment –is a bulwark against tyranny

My Beliefs

I believe that hard work, sacrifice, and dedication should be rewarded, not taxed and regulated to death by the government.

I believe that if businesses and families have to cut spending when they have less money, so should state government.

I believe governments do not create jobs.  People do!

I believe that all human life is precious and must be protected.

I believe Colorado needs a broader range of educational choices for parents, from tax-credits to vouchers and charter schools.

I believe Colorado needs strong, conservative leadership.

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